Check the weather in your region

(Posted: January 08, 2020)

We have been working hard alongside Campbell Scientific to get brand new compact digital weather sensors - ClimaVUE50 weather stations - installed at a number of locations across Birmingham. These solar powered stations feature a temperature sensor, an anemometer, a pyranometer, a relative humidity sensor and a rain gauge to name just a few instruments.

The map below shows the distribution of these sites, with some still to be installed. We are fortunate enough to have created a good spread of stations across the city, allowing us to see the differences, or similarities, in the weather across different areas of Birmingham. Once completed, we should have 25 separate sites all monitoring the meteorological conditions and changes.

Map of ClimaVUE50
Map of ClimaVUE50

We are hoping, with continual monitoring of the sites, to take long-term observations across all seasons. This can then be used to compare to a low-cost weather sensor network we are developing, alongside a number of other valuable uses.

Here are the past 24 hour observations for the current live stations. Can you see the weather for your area?

Name Area Link to Data
Allens Croft Kings Heath
Bell Heath Belbroughton
Chilcote Hall Green/Haslucks Green
Colebourne Hodge Hill
Donkey Sanctuary Sutton Park
Elms Cottage AWS University of Birmingham
Featherstone Erdington
Forge Mill Sandwell Valley
Holy Cross Walmley
Kingsland J&I School Kingstanding
Lea Forest Lea Hall
Moseley C of E School Moseley
Mount Pleasant School Farm Forhill
Rednal Rednal
Somerville Small Heath
St Catherines City Centre
St Josephs Catholic Primary School Nechells
The Oratory Ladywood
Wychall Primary School Northfield